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17th September 2014
New Member Congratulations
Congratulations to Lelia Sacré who was successful in her assessment match last weekend and is now a full member of NPUA. Lelia has been added to the A* panel and we wish her the best of luck as she continues her umpiring career having recently moved to England from Canada.
16th September 2014
Updated - Clarification over completion of a penalty corner
Please remember a PC is not over when another PC is awarded, unless the ball has gone 5m from the circle, or has left the circle for a second time.
The effect of this is that if a PC is taken and a subsequent PC is awarded before the ball has travelled 5m outside the ...
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10th September 2014
Clarification of procedure when a team has 12 players on the pitch
At international level there have recently been some highly publicised occasions on which teams have ended up with 12 players on the pitch after incorrectly completed substitutions. There is now an expectation that, unless this is immediately rectified by the team with no ...
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3rd September 2014
First tranche of league appointments
The appointments for the first weekend of NOW:Pensions Men's Hockey League and Investec Women's Hockey League fixtures will be published this Friday, 5th of September. The remainder of the first tranche of appointments will follow shortly afterwards.
28th August 2014
EH Technical Appointments Administrator
Posted on behalf of England Hockey
You may be aware that Stephen Barlow, England Hockey’s Competitions Manager, has been responsible for the appointment of Match Officials (MOs) to National League matches for many years. Following the recent restructure of the EH ...
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27th August 2014
Youth Olympic Games
Congratulations to NPUA's Paul Walker who has been appointed to the final of the Youth Olympic Games later today in Nanjing, China. The tournament is being played in the new Hockey 5s format, with boards around the pitch and goals able to be scored from anywhere. All our ...
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Alternative headsets available
We are now able to offer NPUA members alternative headsets for use with their radio sets. The new Jabra headsets sit closely behind the ear and come with two sizes of eargel adapters to sit tightly in the ear. They are available at a cost of £20.
Unfortunately we are ...
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26th August 2014
Universal appointing
At times during last season we experienced shortages of umpires where some members were available, but only for one programme (men or women). On a small number of occasions, dispensation was given to Selection to appoint men's umpires to women's games to manage these ...
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18th August 2014
EuroHockey 2015 ticket fraud information
Please be aware of the following announcement from England Hockey:

"We have been made aware of fraudulent activity involving the purchase of EuroHockey Championship 2015 tickets in the Yorkshire area.

As far as we’re aware, the scam involves someone making phone calls ...
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6th August 2014
NPUA Conference 2014
Following today's news that Howard Webb has retired from refereeing, we can now finally announce that he will be one of our guest presenters at NPUA Conference 2014!

In 27 years as a referee, Howard has achieved everything there is to achieve in the game, including ...
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