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19th January 2018
In memoriam
It is with deep regret that that we have to inform you that John Gawley died peacefully in his sleep last night.

In 2006, John was awarded the NPUA Lifetime Achievement Award, and became our first Honorary Vice President, in recognition of his immense contribution to ...
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17th January 2018
Congratulations to Debbie Garner on achieving 100 National Indoor League matches and to Steven Rice on reaching an outstanding 200 National Indoor League matches!
8th January 2018
Welcome Back and New Level 3 Indoor Umpires!
Congratulations to Jason Holcombe, Francesca Grapes, Lena McCrae, Lucie Mulliss, Saul Shohet, Rowan Tejura and Tom Cox on successfully passing their Level 3 Indoor assessments.
Welcome back to Sarah Chapman and Debbie Garner on their successful re-assessments as well!
7th January 2018
Congratulations to Pritpal Sihota on 100 Indoor National League matches.
And another congratulations to Jake Charles on 50 Indoor National League matches.
4th December 2017
Outdoor Performance Committee Minutes - December 2017 ...(with link - click here)
Minutes for the December OPC meeting can be found at the link below.
26th November 2017
Successful transfer to the Women's Panels for Charles Hallows
Congratulations to Charles who has been successfully assessed and now adds the women's B panel to his men's credentials. Well done
20th November 2017
Milestones and International Upgrades
Congratulations to Sean Edwards and Rebecca Woodcock on their recent success on receiving their International Badges!

Congratulations to our wonderful milestone accomplishments. Thank you for all your hard work and support over the years and to many more!
Pritpal Sihota ...
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NPDP Congratulations to Arevinth Sarma
Following his successful assessment, we welcome NPDPs Arevinth Sarma as a full member of NPUA. With very best wishes for the rest of the season.
9th November 2017
A thank you and good luck from Tim Benford
Having done my first couple of games of the season and had some time to reflect on how umpiring falls in my new life style and demands, I have made a tough decision but I have decided to remove myself from umpiring for the foreseeable future. I don't feel that I can balance ...
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5th November 2017
Two NPUA - Congratulations to Karen, and James
Congratulations to Karen Fynn from NPDP on passing her L3 assessment on Saturday, and to James Carter on his return to NPUA following a break. We wish you both all the very best for the rest of the season.

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