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9th November 2017
A thank you and good luck from Tim Benford
Having done my first couple of games of the season and had some time to reflect on how umpiring falls in my new life style and demands, I have made a tough decision but I have decided to remove myself from umpiring for the foreseeable future. I don't feel that I can balance ...
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5th November 2017
Two NPUA - Congratulations to Karen, and James
Congratulations to Karen Fynn from NPDP on passing her L3 assessment on Saturday, and to James Carter on his return to NPUA following a break. We wish you both all the very best for the rest of the season.
21st October 2017
Welcome back. Daran
Congratulations to Daran Cass who returns to NPUA after his successful reassessment. Enjoy the rest of the season and welcome back!
17th October 2017
Injury Protocol Reminder ...(with link - click here)
Following some feedback from the first few games of the season, please an I remind all those taking appointments to read the new Injury Protocol guidelines discussed at conference regarding on-pitch attendance during match time, and sent to members at the start of the ...
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16th October 2017
Congratulations to Rob Jenkins on celebrating his 400th National League match. What an achievement and to many more!!
15th October 2017
Level 3 success from Matthew Pilgrim
Congratulations to Matthew who was successful in his L3 assessment today and is now a full member of NPUA. We wish you all the best for the future.
Congratulations to Nikki Butcher and Lena McCrae who were successful in their L3 assessments and join the women's panels for the outdoor programme. All the best in your future appointments.
11th October 2017
International upgrade for Rachel
Congratulations to Rachel Williams who has been upgraded to the FIH Promising list follow her recent performances. Well done, Rach, and wishing you more good luck for the future.
9th October 2017
Indoor UM news for TK
Congratulations to Tony Kelleher on his Umpires' Manager upgrade to FIH Grade 1 indoor. Fantastic news and well deserved.
8th October 2017
Outdoor success for Saul
Congratulations to Saul Shohet who was successful in his L3 assessment and joins the women's panels for the outdoor programme. All the best in your future appointments.

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