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Home Page4th July 2015
The 2015 NPUA Conference (5th to 6th September)
The conference and fitness test is in 63 days (at Warwick University)
Members can book their place now through the Personal Area.

Recent News Items ...

30th June 2015
TK stands down, and steps up!
After more than 20 years umpiring in the Men's Premier Division, Tony Kelleher has decided to stand down from the Outdoor Premier Panel. While TK will continue to umpire in the National Programme, this move will enable him to take on a new role as Men's Premier Panel ...
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29th June 2015
Changes to NPUA Selection
Selection Structure
The role of the NPUA selection committee has expanded to the point where there is not enough time to focus fully on some of the important, longer term aspects. Crucial appointment and panel management activities are taking most of the available ...
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15th April 2015
The NPUA Executive Committee is aware that there have been some challenges with kit orders made via the NPUA shop recently, particularly regarding delivery time. We apologise for the issues that some members have had regarding the delivery of kit and are working on a new ...
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27th March 2015
Level 3 congratulations
Congratulations to the following umpires who were successful in their recent assessments and are now level 3 umpires and full members of NPUA:
Brian Christian, Robin Davis, Ian Dinwiddy, Jonathan Hull, Matthew Parry, Gareth Perry, Rob Lewis
The 300 club
Congratulations to Richard Kirk who recently umpired his 300th national league match and in doing so became the sixth member of our 300 club. Well done to Richard on this fantastic achievement.
Milestone matches
Congratulations to Margaret McLoughlin who recently completed her 200th umpiring appointment in the national programme.
Umpire Support Milestones
Congratulations to Paul Box-Grainger who recently completed his 200th umpire support appointment, and to David Collier who recently completed his 150th umpire support appointment.
26th March 2015
NPUA Disciplinary Issue
NPUA recently referred a disrepute charge to England Hockey as a result of alleged breaches of the NPUA Constitution, Social Media policy and the EH Code of Conduct by one of our members. We did this as, although NPUA has a robust disciplinary process in place, the ...
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11th March 2015
Development group at the play-off finals
The Executive Committee are keen to run a development group for members at each of the play-off final weekends at Lee Valley Hockey Centre. These would take place on the Saturday of each tournament; 11th April for the men's finals and 18th April for the women's finals. These ...
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5th March 2015
EuroHockey Masters Championships ...(with link - click here)
England Hockey is hosting the EuroHockey Masters championships in conjunction with the EuroHockey championships in August. The Masters championships feature European nations sides at thirteen different age groups and are run at three sites. They are being run from Saturday ...
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